Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Eeveelutions

Ah nothing like seeing Eeveelutions in costumes. With Boos by their side and Bats. 
Espeon: Witch
Flareon: Jack-O-Lanturn
Vaporeon: Little Mermaid
Umbreon: Vampire
Glaceon: Princess
Eevee: Ghost
Leafeon: Medusa
Jolteon: Batman

Fire/Ghost Trio

The Fire/Ghost trio of Pokemon in Gijinka form. Hope you all like them. I was really proud of them because they are Witches and Warlocks in Litwick's case. And just in time for Halloween.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gijinka Art

A Celebi Design I did honestly the dress is amazing but the rest looks horrible to me anyways

Now this design is awesome. I noticed that there weren't many Male Arceus Gijinkas so I made one and this one happen to be a warrior another thing I noticed. I honestly don't know why more people didn't think of this kind of design.

A Shiny Zorua who doubles as a popstar, amazing huh?

Ah the first Gijinka I ever did my Skitty girl isn't she cute?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chapter 21

The Talk

Danny had flown back to his room by the time Plasmius had come to check up on him. When he came in he looked both concerned and serious, why? Danny didn't know but knew something big was about to come up.

"Daniel, I need to talk with you about something. Something important" Vlad said and Danny looked at him with curiosity.

"Oh yeah like what Froot Loop?" Danny asked him with a tone of disgust in his voice he should have ignored Clockwork and left when he had the chance.

"Like your training. Starting tomorrow after work you and I will train for 2 hours everyday. Is that clear Daniel?" Vlad asked and the teen just stared wondering if the man was serious.

"Train? With you!? You're nuts! Why would I ever train with you? I never accepted your offer before so what makes you think that I will now?" Danny asked and Vlad realized that he had a point there.

"Who said you had a choice Daniel? You are living under my roof, so you will live by my rules"

"I'm only living under your roof because I have no other choice! You took my choices away from me remember!?" The teen shouted, and yes Vlad did remember all to well but Clockwork said to make the boy happy....Just how was he supposed to do that? Daniel hated him to no avail even though the teen knew how much he cared about him.

"Yes I know and for that I am truly sorry Daniel, I will explain why I did what I did later on but for now you must trust me when I say that I love you." Vlad told him once again with a smile "Now please stop rebelling and let me train you, Or I might carry through on my threat and force you"

"You are really unbelievable sometimes you know that? You say you love me to through me off guard and then you threaten me again! Normal people don't threaten those they love you know!"

"Well I'm not normal Daniel, I'm a Half Ghost Hybrid like you are. And you have nothing else to do anyways so why not train with me?"

The older hybrid did have a point with he nothing else to do, so he could fight him back there and soon enough realized that Vlad had won their fight yet again. Danny sighed in surrender.

"Fine Plasmius, I'll train with you. Happy?"

"Daniel there is no need for that tone. And I am not happy, you wanna know why Daniel? Because you are unhappy. Please tell me what I can do to make you smile Daniel?"

"Let me go" Danny said and finally looked the older man in the eye.

"I'm afraid I can't do that little badger, and you know that." Vlad took a few steps toward him and tilted his chin up when Danny bowed his head down. "Don't be sad little badger, I promise I'll make it up to you. You'll see" Vlad then let go of Danny's chin and went to the door before he left he called "Dinner will be ready in a few of hours, I hope to see you downstairs at that time."

Danny watched the man leave, and went to sit down on the bed with a sigh. He just wanted to leave, and how was Vlad going to make it up to him? He couldn't there was no way he could what he had done was unforgivable in Danny's eyes. Danny then laid down on the bed and fell asleep.

Vlad thought that could have gone better but what else was he to do, the child needed time to grow use to the idea that he could be happy here. And he would give that time before and after their training sessions. He guessed he could have picked a different day to start rather than a saterday but that could not be helped now.

He just hoped Clockwork was right and that making the boy happy would eventually make Daniel love him as Vlad loved him. He hoped anyway.   


For all of the Percy Jackson fans out there like me who adore Percabeth

Friday, January 27, 2012

Chapter 20

The Vists

Danny was in his room feeling rather depressed he missed his family and friends.....But thanks to Plasmius everyone in Amity Park believed him to be dead. So what choice did he have but to stay with the older Hybrid?None he had none.

He could leave but where would he go? He couldn't go home that was for sure, he could go to another town but that wasn't a really safe idea either since Plasmius could have another chance of finding him. Danny guessed his only other options were to either go to another country or go to the Ghost Zone.

Danny sighed then said out loud "Why can't he just let me leave? Why couldn't the froot loop leave me be?" Danny stormed out onto the balacony and changed into Danny Phantom then flew into the sky. "WHAT DID I EVER DO TO DESERVE ANY OF THIS!???!!!"

Then without warning time stopped and Clockwork slipped a time medalion around Danny's neck making him unfreeze. Danny gasped when he saw the time ghost he hadn't seen him for at least a month.

"Clockwork!? What are you doing here?"Danny asked the time ghost.

"I am here to warn you Danny, your sister is planning to visit you again"

"My sister? Why are you warning me about Jazz?"

"Because she plans to try and rescue you. But whatever you do Danny you must not leave understand? You are suppose to be here"

"Suppose to be here!? Are you nuts!? Vlad faked my death so I had no choice but stay here! I am not staying with that Froot Loop!" Danny shouted at Clockwork clearly angry.

"Danny the reason you are here is to train and nothing more I do not expect you to stay with Vladimir when the danger has passed but until then please listen to me and remain with Plasmius" Clockwork said to him in a calm manner but Danny was confused.

Until the danger has passed? What the heck was that suppose to mean? Sometimes Clockwork made no sense at all. Well he is the ghost of time.

"I must go now Danny and remember no matter how much you hate Vlad Masters gut you must stay with him! Goodbye Danny, Time In!" And without a blink of an eye the ghost of time Clockwork was gone.

Danny then decided to go back to his 'room' incase the older hybrid came by to check on him.


Vlad was him his study when Clockwork came. He had only met the ghost of time once before so it was still a little strange to him to see time frozen around him while he wore the CW medallion.

"Ah Clockwork, I was wondering when I might see you again. So as you can see I have Daniel as you asked but.......Well Daniel isn't all that thrilled about it"

"Yes I know Vladimir. I know everything for I am the ghost of time."Clockwork said "Anyway I am here to tell you that you need to start training Danny, the danger is nearing Vladimir."

".....Yes but Clockwork you have not told me what type of danger Daniel is in. You know if you hadn't told me that the boy was in danger I wouldn't had, had to act so rash in getting him here"Vlad sighed "Do you realize how much he hates me now?"

"Then get him to like you"

"And how do pray tell do I do that?"

"Tell him you'll find a way to undo what you did"

"Clockwork I may not know how everything will turn out in the end like you do but not even Daniel will buy that lie. He is not an idiot he knows there is know way for me to reverse what I did"

"Just try and make him happy here then Vladimir. Make Danny see that it isn't as bad as he thinks it is"

Vlad thinks over what the time ghost just said. Maybe he had a point the boy was only unhappy because he thought living with him was the most horrible thing in the world. "Alright I'll give it a try Clockwork"

"Thank you, and Vladimir please watch Danny carefully he still dislikes the idea of staying and will try and run again"Clockwork tells Vlad before he disapears with a "Time In" Vlad then decided to go and check on young Daniel.

cute pokemon couples

Purrloin and Zorua later being Zoroark and Liepard
very cute!

Articuno and Lugia a personal favorite of mine

Espeon and Umbreon definately adorable!